Since our Troop was first chartered in 1955, the following young men have reached the pinnacle of the Boy Scouts of America - the rank of Eagle Scout.


114 2022 G. Pavletic N/A
113 2022 J. Pawlak N/A
112 2020 S. Sheedy N/A
111 2020 M. Stumpf Flag pole and landscaping for Rule House, Rule Park in Wildwood
110 2020 A. Richards Buddy Benches for Woodland Intermediate School
109 2020 D. Pawlak NatCatomi Towers for Save A Pet Cat Room
108 2020 G. Short Trail restoration, little lending library, park entrance in Pembrook subdivision
107 2019 D. Richards Restore and upgrade laptop computers for COOL Ministries
106 2019 G. Fout Restoration of shore line in Wildwood Park District Rule Park
105 2019 I. Koob Recreational volleyball court at Trinity International University
104 2019 P. Naumann Benches for Warren Special Recreation Association
103 2019 M. Sierzega Picnic Tables for 4 Wildwood Park District Parks -Twin Lakes, Old Plank, Valley Lake North, Cove
102 2018 S. Pavletic Remove envasive species and clean up lot for homeowners association
101 2017 L. Weber Storage racks and shelves for Trinity International University Clothes Horse Program
100 2017 C. Grams Storage lockers for Grayslake North High School band uniforms and equipment
99 2017 W. Jeffries Chimney Swift Tower at Twin Lakes Park in Wildwood
98 2017 R. Sayankar Interactive maps of United States for Woodland Elemenary West and Intermediate Playgrounds
97 2017 N. Zblewski Sensory Boards for North Pointe Resources House
96 2016 J. Shamberg Gaga Ball Pit/Court at Rule Park in Wildwood
95 2016 S. Burton Bat Houses for Twin Lakes Park in Wildwood
94 2016 J. Kellogg Bat Houses for Lake County Lakewood Forest Preserve
93 2016 J. Smith Built two chest of drawers for Love, Inc
92 2016 Z. Thomas Refurbished Sunday School Rooms at UCC, Chicago
91 2015 L. Maag Shingle and siding for Bethel Lutheran garage
90 2014 E. Niesen Garden Boxes for students at Trinity International Universtiy
89 2013 A. Miller Built benches at Gurnee Park District soccer field
88 2013 S. Seiler Remodeled Save A Pet kitten room
87 2013 Z. Byerly Sent care packages to US Troops
86 2011 J. Bixler Built sheet metal birdhouses for Lake County Forest Preserve
85 2011 B. Klauber Food drive and built shelves for the food pantry at Trinity School
84 2011 S. Korecky Organization and building shelves for the AYSO shed
83 2010 C. Frossard Harvested wildflower seeds for Lake Country Forest Preserve
82 2010 E. Seiler Food drive and built shelves for the food pantry at St. Lawrence Episcopal Church
81 2009 A. Tussing Collected clothes for PADS
80 2009 S. Carver Painted educational murals at Woodland School
79 2008 A. Klein Built and installed Wood Duck bird houses for Lake County Forest Preserve
78 2008 C. Basarich Collected cleaning supplies and personal hygiene products for COOL in Waukegan
77 2008 T. Bixler Made a wood chip path for Illinois State Beach Park
76 2008 A. Baar Build Bluebird, Wood Duck and Kestrel birdhouses for Lake County Forest Preserve
75 2007 E. Titus Cleared Buckthorn at St. Francis Wood for the Lake County Forest Preserve
74 2007 C. McDonald Cleared Garlic Mustard Seed plants at Independence Grove for the Lake County Forest Preserve
73 2007 P. Myles Cleaned Des Plaines river for Lake County Forest Preserve
72 2006 Z. Usa Collected towels, liquid soap, bleach, paper plates, velveeta cheese for St. Francis Animal Shelter
71 2006 P. Doran Cleared Buckthorn at St. Francis Wood for the Lake County Forest Preserve
70 2006 K. Basarich Made a wood chip path for Illinois State Beach Park
69 2006 T. Ayres Built a picnic table at Twin Lakes Park for the Wildwood Park District
68 2004 M. Frossard Built a foot bridge at Independence Grove for Lake County Forest Preserve
67 2004 J. Ayres Cleared Buckthorn at Almond Marsh for Lake County Forest Preserve
66 2004 G. Wilson Built and installed a bridge at Twin Lakes Park
65 2004 B. Fish Built two picnic tables for Twin Lakes Park
64 2003 J. Murphy Built and installed a sign for Old Plank Park and did landscaping
63 2003 T. Rajchel Built, landscaped and installed a sign for Maintenance Bldg at Twin Lakes Park
62 2002 B. Harris Built and installed a sign at Boulder Park and landscaped the same area
61 2002 R. Vetter Wood chips for baseball field seating area and landscaping for Grandwood Park District
60 2000 M. Buehlman Refurbished Adams Park for Grandwood Park District
59 2000 A. Wilson Designed, built and installed Arbor Vista bulletin board
58 2000 M. Sartin Collected food, blankets, toys, money, etc. for an animal shelter
57 2000 C. Murphey Built cabinets for PADS program at Wildwood Presbyterian Church
56 2000 E. Levinson Built picnic tables for Wildwood Park District
55 2000 B. Early Collected winter apparel and distributed to local shelters
54 2000 B. Wilson Designed, built and installed gate for Twin Lakes Park
53 2000 M. Steele Built and installed Purple Martin houses
52 1999 J. Lepper Built Wildwood Park district bulletin board
51 1999 C. Foreman Installed flagpoles at Warren Township Center and designed township flag
50 1998 S. Levinson Installed drainage around garage at Twin Lakes for the Wildwood Park District
49 1998 C. Hagen Built Eastern Screech Owl houses
48 1998 A. Chojnacki Cleared out areas of Mill Creek for Grandwood Park District
47 1998 E. Larson Patched, refinished/painted ceiling and walls in church all purpose room
46 1998 T. Reische Painted playground equipment for Warren Township
45 1998 C. Baldi Built bike racks for Wildwood Park District
44 1998 D. Steele Collected and retired worn American flags
43 1997 D. Early Built park benches and bluebird houses for Gurnee Park District
42 1997 E. Bond Fixed class building at Rule Park
41 1996 S. Herholz Built birdhouses
40 1996 B. Pointer Cleaned intersections
39 1996 J. Holland Built wood duck houses for Lake County Forest Preserve
38 1994 J. Payne Built bat houses for Wildwood Park District (Award given posthumously)
37 1993 M. Cullen Assisted senior citizens at Warren Township Senior Homes
36 1991 K. Scala Landscaping at Wildwood Presbyterian Church
35 1991 B. Plencner Organized a drive to get emergency stickers (police, fire dept.) on phones in Wildwood
34 1990 E. Magrini Built bicycle racks for Wildwood Park District
33 1990 S. Earl Made signs for Wildwood parks
32 1985 K. Mayer Helped organize Red Cross blood drive
31 1984 R. Floreani Built footbridge at Twin Lakes Park
30 1984 R. Flood Landscaping at the Wildwood Presbyterian Church
29 1984 M. Cooper Organized volunteer blood drive
28 1984 D. Cooper Put in new playground in park in Grandwood Park
27 1982 M. Axford Repaired and painted steps at Fort Sheridan from housing area to Lake Michigan beach
26 1982 C. Eustace Painted five fire hydrants in Grandwood Park
25 1981 J. Lohfink Landscaping and flower beds at Gurnee American Legion Hall
24 1981 R. Conley Repaired, reconditioned and painted equipment at Laremont School
23 1981 M. Floreani Organized volunteer blood drive
22 1980 R. Wodek Volunteered at Winchester House to help take patients on bus trips around the county
21 1980 R. Flood Playground development at Sunset Park
20 1980 J. Eustace, Jr. Helped create a park in Grandwood Park
19 1979 S. Pocius Identified and labeled trees at Woodland nature trail
18 1978 M. Haynes Volunteer landscaping work at Sunset Park
17 1978 K. Mayer Worked on a project of reclaiming and beautification in an area at Lakewood Forest Preserve
16 1978 A. Mayer Helped organize Red Cross Blood Drive
15 1978 K. Wodek Organized a crew of volunteers to help install a chain link fence around Camp Oakarro
14 1975 L. Browne Trained other students at Woodland School to operate visual aid machines
13 1974 D. Hamil Did volunteer work at the Dobi Handicap Center on Route 45 (SEDOL)
12 1973 R. Browne Cleaned up an illegal dumping area near his home to prevent further dumping
11 1973 R. Singiser Volunteered at Woodland School library in the summer to mend books for school librarian
10 1972 G. Korbas Organized 200 people to help clean roadside of Route 120 from Park City to Route 45
9 1969 K. Jarvis Conservation and landscaping project at Wildwood Presbyterian Church
8 1968 C. Cook Redesigned Council fire ring at Camp Oakarro for a safe campfire site away from trees
7 1967 T. Jarvis Repaired window screens at the Wildwood Presbyterian Church
6 1966 R. Klugiewicz Camp improvement at Camp Oakarro
5 1965 J. Martin Conservation project at Camp Oakarro
4 1965 R. Baird Rebuilt footbridge at Camp Oakarro
3 1965 J. Tack Developed nature trail in woods behind Woodland School
2 1965 D. Cook Planted saplings along lake shores in Wildwood parks
1 1963 K. Chott Conservation project at Camp Oakarro