It is the time of year once again where Troop 671 prepares to go to Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation for our annual Summer Camp. Click on Read More for important information regarding Summer Camp.


 When is Summer Camp? The dates for Summer Camp this year are June 24 to June 30. Meet at the Woodland Elementary School parking lot on Sunday, June 24 by 7:00 AM, with a sack lunch ready. We expect to return to the Troop Garage by 3:00 PM on Saturday, June 30. 

What do scouts do during Summer Camp? Scouts earn merit badges that they can use for their rank advancements. First year scouts are also given the opportunity to take trailblazers, which will earn them about half of their Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class requirements. Refer to this for all schedules at camp.

How do scouts sign up for merit badges/trailblazer? Beginning in 2014, Makajawan has transitioned to an online sign up system. Click here to access MY-Ka-Ja-Wan.  Scouts were given login information in Troop meetings. A packet on how to use MY-Ka-Ja-Wan was/is also provided at Troop Meetings. The deadline for merit badge/trailblazer sign up is <to be determined>. 

What do scouts need to bring? Refer to this list for what a scout should bring to summer camp.  In addition, scouts need to have a sack lunch for the drive up, as we stop at a rest area off of I-43 on the way to eat lunch. Scouts need about $10 for the drive home, as we stop at a McDonald's for lunch. Mr. Message can hold on to any scout's money, as long as it is placed in an envelope with the scout's name on it.

What are the important deadlines regarding summer camp, and when are they due? A $150 deposit for summer camp is due by the February 27th Troop Meeting. The $325 fee for summer camp (less any deposit) is due at the April 17th Troop Meeting. Special Diet Request Forms must be turned in by the (TBD) Troop Meeting. Two copies of Medical Form Part A, B, and C are due to Mr. Message by the (TBD) Troop Meeting. Part C must be completed and signed by a certified and licensed physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner.