Popcorn Fundraiser Info


The Trail’s End popcorn fundraiser has started!  At Troop 671, Scouts can earn approximately 30% of their total sales. These earnings will be placed into their “Scout” account for the Scout’s use. In addition, based on their sales, they will also earn points towards Amazon gift cards.  Selling popcorn is an optional fundraiser for each Scout, but highly encouraged! 
Some Key Points:
  1. Scouts can sell popcorn door to door, online or host a site sale.
  2. All popcorn sales must go through the Trail’s End App.
  3. We will have a limited supply of popcorn available for Site Sales.
  4. All “door to door” sales will be fulfilled in October or November.  It will be a take order process where you “take” the order and then bring the customer their popcorn at a later date unless you arrange otherwise with Ms. Galvin or Mrs. Pawlak.
  5. Online sales will operate in the same manner as they have in the past.  Shipping will be extra, but has decreased from last year.
  6. If you are interested in participating in a site sale, please review the shifts available through the Trail’s End app and sign up. If there’s a day/time that you would like to find outside of what the Troop is offering please contact Ms. Galvin to set it up.  There are many locations and dates still available throughout Lake County.
  7. If you don’t have the Trail’s End App or don’t have a Trail’s End account, you can set one up at https://www.trails-end.com/login
  8. If your Scout has crossed over to the Troop, please make sure you are associated with Troop 671 in your account (North Star District).  The online account will ask you to confirm the unit your Scout is associated with.  Also, the online account provides various training and help topics to assist with navigating through the sale of popcorn.
Please contact Mrs. Pawlak at  valeriepawlak@gmail.com and/or Ms Galvin at Jen.galvin.917@gmail.com with any questions.