Outing is 3/4 of the word Scouting, and our unit camps 12 months a year! In a typical year we will have 3-4 cabin weekends or lock-ins during the winter and from late March to early November we camp outdoors. 

On a typical weekend campout, our Scouts are expected to bring their own personal gear such as clothes, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad. Our unit supplies tents, a shelter, and all common consumables like hot water, charcoal, and bulk propane.

Scout buddy groups who use unit tents will be expected to then bring the tent home to sweep and air out before returning back to the Troop. Timely return of tents is important for our Scouts to have the gear they need!

Each patrol is issued their own two burner propane stove as well as a cook kit that is supplied with pots and pans for cooking. Each patrol also gets a “dry box” cooler and a cold cooler for their food supplies.

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